To all our valued customers and friends!! We have stopped the clock for the last amazing finishing touches to be completed!! WATCH THIS SPACE for the final OFFICIAL opening date and the restart of the clock!! You won't be disappointed!!


We, at Titan Arms pride ourselves in striving for professional and service excellence!! On this note, please be advised that the official opening of Titan Shooting Range has been slightly delayed due to the impact that load shedding has created.  Watch this space for "D-DAY", it will be happening soon!! Please see updated work in progress pics below!!







We are well versed and knowledgeable in our Industry and can assist all gun owners in this specific field.

We cover all the areas of this industry, from Firearms to Shotguns, Air Rifles to Hunting Rifles and Holsters. We also have a large range of ammunition, cleaning kits, magazines, scopes, stun guns, lasers and any other item associated with a Gun shop.

We have staff that are trained to assist you with handguns, rifles, shotguns, pellet guns and all accessories.  

We can also help assist you in finding a suitable shooting range to use, as we are well connected to official shooting ranges in various locations.

Looking to Apply for a Firearm Licence?

We know companies that can train you.  Our in house office consultant can assist you with regards to your application and to obtain a competency certificate as well as assist you with the most important aspect of your application to obtain a firearm licence such as the MOTIVATION.

Please enquire if you need any assistance with this matter

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