About Us

CONTACT US - Tel : 031 461 1238 or 031 461 1543

 E-MAIL: sales@titanarms.co.za

Our Team

We are a dynamic team of young and old men and women who use each others' knowledge and innovative ideas in order to help our customers reach a desired decision or solution to purchase a gun choice that would be suitable for themselves or a loved one.

We take great pride in our work and ability to provide you with only the best, if we don't have it in the store we will be sure to try and source it for you.

No problem is too great that we cannot accomplish if we work together.

Our Customers

Without our customers we would not be in business, therefore we offer as many convenient services for our customers as possible.

With each encounter, our customers bring us new ideas and information in order for us to be better at our jobs and provide even better deals or products.

We work closely with our suppliers and customers in order to provide only the best.

Please feel free to share your knowledge on new products that you would like to see in our shop and possibly what our other customers might be interested in purchasing next time they come around to purchase their ammo.

Our Shop

Feel free to pop by for some advice, to purchase any of our products or to simply have a chat about future purchases and the process to acquire a firearm


Check out our Firearms Range, Air Rifle and Rifle Range and assorted Accessories Range


Enquire about our safe keeping service, motivation documents service and application for a firearm service. We are here to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible

Safe Keeping:

Are you going away for an extended period of time? Maybe for a long weekend or holiday and can't take your weapon with you?

We can assist you with the safekeeping of your valuables.

We will lock your items in our certified gun safe, and provide you with a set of keys for yourself, you are able to retrieve your items at any point.

This service does not only stop at gun or rifle safe keeping, we are happy to house any of your other valuable items.

Please enquire from the owner Brian if you require any of these services.

We charge a monthly fee of R35.00 for Handguns and R60.00 for Rifles.