Please Note

When purchasing a firearm from us all we require is a small deposit and regular payments of no less than R500.00 per month.

This will come off your account which means when collecting the firearm there will be a lower balance to be paid.  

While you are waiting for your licence there are no finance charges nor do we charge storage on the firearm.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Zero 1 Cal. 9 x 19
Get yours today at just R 14 800.00 on terms!!!
Deposit: R 4000
Or R 13 800.00 cash or preferably EFT!!


The Rex Zero 1 is a double- action/single-action (DA/SA) semi-automatic pistol working on the short recoil, locked-breech system.


At first glance it can be mistaken for a Sig P-series pistol, but that’s where the similarity ends, for the Rex Zero 1, made by Arex in Slovenia, was designed in-house and has an array of features that makes it unique. The Standard (full size) pistol in 9mmP has a magazine capacity of 18 rounds and is 190mm long and 140mm high; the frame is 27.9mm wide, while the widest point (measured through the ambi-safety levers) is 37mm. Barrel length is 4.25" (108mm). With its alloy and steel construction, the pistol, unloaded, weighs 810 grams.
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