Please Note

When purchasing a firearm from us all we require is a small deposit and regular payments of no less than R500.00 per month.

This will come off your account which means when collecting the firearm there will be a lower balance to be paid.  

While you are waiting for your licence there are no finance charges nor do we charge storage on the firearm.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Pre-Owned Girsan Pistol in immaculate Condition

As seen in picture

MC-28 Cal. 9 x 19
Get yours today at just R 8,950.00 on terms!!!

Deposit: R 4000
Or R 7,950.00 cash or preferably an EFT!!


The MC28 pistol utilizes the striker fire system.


The firing pin is caught by the sear when the slide moves back and forth. When the trigger is pulled, the firing pin is compressed further and releases from the sear and strikes the cartridge. The slide goes back and then forward, loading the next round. This cycle continues until the last cartridge is fired. When the last round is fired, the slide locks back, caught by the slide stop. The shooter
can continue to shoot by inserting a new magazine and releasing the slide.
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