Looking for a Self defense Weapon?

or maybe a second carry firearm? or a Sports Shooting gun?

Whomever you are shopping for, we should be able to help provide enough information for you to make an educated decision for the protection of yourself, your loved one or for a great competition gun


Looking for a Hunting Rifle?

or maybe a second hunting/practice rifle that's more cost efficient?

Sometime you need a little help choosing just the right weapon for the job, but what ever the purpose, we here at Titan Arms have a large range that we keep fully stocked, if we don't have it, we will try source it for you


Looking for a Competition Gun?

or a 'Keep Away or I'll Shoot' kind of Gun? 

Shotguns are part of a Competitive Shooters arsenal and why should you settle for a Shotgun that is under preforming?

Let's make sure we provide you with only the best for that competitive edge you require

Air Rifles

Considering an Air Rifle for your kids birthday?

or maybe one for yourself?

It doesn't matter your age, or who you are buying for, Air Rifles are one of best practice Rifles to use as the better quality Rifles are heavy enough to give you the feel of a real Rifle but not the recoil


Looking for a Rifle Bag?

or ammo for your handgun? or maybe a holster for your Range Day with the guys?

We have a large variety of accessories for Handguns, Rifles, Crossbows and all the other bits and pieces you may need to fully enjoy your day on the range


Looking for something 'Silent but Deadly'?

or fun new weapon to add to our already full arsenal? 

So you've seen The Walking Dead and fancy yourself a Darryl Dixon? Then let us help kit you out for the Zombie Apocalypse... or just for your long weekend hunting trip. Either way we got what you need.


Titian Arms & Ammunition cc

T/A Titan Arms & Ammunition:



  1. Each gun is ordered upon the Purchasers request using an unique Serial Number issued with each firearm. Notwithstanding delivery ownership of   the goods passes only upon payment of the full purchase price inclusive of interest thereon but the risk therein passes to  the Purchaser on signature   hereof.
  2. All new goods sold are done so by our assurance of superior quality goods, supplied by our suppliers. Any defective goods should be returned to   us with in a 6 (six) month period for repair / replace or refund.
  3. Under no circumstances shall Titian Arms & Ammunition cc be held liable for any consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages in respect   of any goods supplied where such damage arises from any misuse or abuse of the goods, negligence by the  consumer and / or failure by the consumer to   adhere to any instructions provided in respect of the goods, nor will Titian Arms &  Ammunition cc be held liable for damages where any failure, defect,   or unsafe product characteristic did not exist at the time of supply  and / or where Titian Arms & Ammunition cc could not reasonably have been   expected to be aware of the unsafe characteristic, defect,  failure or hazard at the time of supply.
  4. The Seller shall be entitled to charge interest on any amount due by the Purchaser, calculated at the rate per annum of 24% (Twenty Four per cent) or   such other rate which the Seller in its exclusive discretion may determine from time to time. Calculated from and including  the date upon which such debt   arose which interest shall be calculated in arrears on the balance due from time to time and to thus  calculated until the amount due has been paid in full.   Should the rate change by ABSA Bank be increased or reduced. The Seller shall  have the right to increase or reduce as the case may be in its interest rate   shall be binding on the Purchaser notwithstanding that the  Purchaser received no notice of such adjustment. The Seller is entitled from time to time and at   anytime in its sole and therefore be  calculated and become payable on such capitalised amount.
  5. No extension of time, indulgence, concession or failure to act timorously shall be construed as waver by the Seller of his rights hereunder and shall not   be construed as a notation of the obligation of the Purchaser in terms hereof.
  6. The Purchaser renounces all benefits arising from the legal exceptions non numerable, errors, revision of account and no value received the meaning of which the Purchaser declares himself to be read aquatinted with.
  7. If any amount is not paid on due date, Titian Arms & Ammunition cc shall contact the customer in writing advising of such failure. Should the customer fail to make payment 30 days from date of receipt thereof, Titian Arms & Ammunition cc shall then immediately cancel the sale and the customer   will be responsible for payment of all reasonable cost thereof (including but not limited to all administration costs.)
  8. If the Purchaser fails to collect his licensed firearm within 2 (Two) Months from licensed dated, the said storage charges will apply or if the purchaser fails to conclude the transaction within 3 (Three) Months from refusal date the said storage / service charges will apply until the weapon is resold. The   charges are: R25.00 per Pistol/Revolver and R50.00 per Rifle/Shotgun.
  9. Titian Arms and Ammunition cc retains the right to retain 30% of the full purchase price as a penalty fee should the Purchaser wish to cancel the purchase, for any reason, after Titian Arms and Ammunition cc has ordered the firearm specifically for the Purchaser as each firearm comes with its own   unique Serial Number.
  10. After a 12 (twelve) Months period without contact or written instructions from the Purchaser, the contract will be terminated after giving the Purchaser written notice thereof and any monies due to the Purchaser will be refunded after deduction of any storage and / or penalty fees. As in No. 8
  11. Term’s agreement is accepted only on a regular monthly payment. Penalties of 2.5% per month charged on any late instalments or non payments.
  12. Titian Arms & Ammunition cc will exercise the utmost care in storing the following firearms & items that I have handed in for storage purposes. Titian Arms & Ammunition cc are not responsible for any loss or damage where Titian Arms & Ammunition cc exercises a degree of care, diligence and   skill that can reasonably be expected of them. Titian Arms & Ammunition cc is not responsible for any loss through fire, theft or burglaries where Titian   Arms & Ammunition cc are not negligent.

  Second Hand: Titian Arms & Ammunition cc shall not be liable for any claim of whatsoever nature arising out of its services, and the customer and / or   any   person / business associate or employee of the customer herby abandons all claims which may be made by himself / herself and / or his / her   representatives   and / or dependents against Titian Arms & Ammunition cc for compensation of any consequential, special, punitive or exemplary   damages where such   damage/s arrives from any misuse, abuse or negligence by the customer and / or any person / business associate or employee of the   customer and / or   failure by such person to adhere to any instructions provided by the Titian Arms & Ammunition cc



Special addition to (LM Rifle or any Semi-Auto Rifle) sales agreement.

A 40% handling fee plus storage (@ R35.00 per Month) irrespective

On the total cost of any LM Rifle will be changed if the applicant cancels the agreement for any reason what so ever or he/she is unable to obtain a licence for the semi-auto rifle and/or carbine for any reason what so ever.

The conditions is in addition to any other conditions overleaf.

The refund is only payable on the resale of the said Rifle/ Carbine.

Each firearm is ordered upon the Purchasers request using a unique serial number issued with each firearm and will deemed to be special ordered goods.